january 29, 2013

After nine months of dreaming, praying and waiting… we’re at the hospital for your birth.

It’s 10:30 pm, so your birthday will probably be tomorrow.  Your mom is in the hospital bed in front of me, all smiles.  She’s wearing a blueish-green gown and she just got hooked up to medicine that will whelp her start having some contractions.

Birth is a miracle, and I’m the luckiest man on earth right now –here with your mom, safe and warm, just waiting for my son. I wish you could see your mother right now.  She is so beautiful, so cheerful.  She was made to be your mom. The room is dimmed and we’re resting.  Your heart monitor is the only sound–like a fast little swishing.

You are comfort and hope for us.

See you soon!

january 28, 2013

hi baby:)

we are 39 weeks, 2 days today.  i’d be lying if i didn’t say how desperate we feel to meet you. but we trust in God’s timing and are praying for patience daily.

i’ve been a little near-sighted in my prayers lately and i wanted you to know because i think it’s a mistake i make sometimes. i’ve been praying to God for strength + endurance in the delivery room because no matter how brave i’m trying to be to everyone else, i’m truly terrified of giving birth.  i’m not afraid of the pain, necessarily, but of your safety and yes, now that i’m being honest with myself, the pain! but what i’ve failed to realize is this:

no matter how long that day is or how excruciating, in the end, there will be you! and then what? why haven’t i been praying for our life after you’re here? see what i mean? near-sighted.  so i want to take this opportunity, in a place you’ll be able to read it, to write down a prayer for you, harrison russell. because i want you to know my heart just days before you were born.

[ dear Jesus, ]

[ thank you so much for little harrison.  thank you for entrusting him to us.  neither of us feel worthy of this honor, but we pray that we strive each day to be more than we were the day before. we pray that you would deliver our son safely into the world and that we might know how to care for him once he's here.  we ask, Jesus, for your protection and your wisdom.

may harrison have a servant's heart, with kindness and gentleness towards others, may he be a leader and also a follower. may he have patience like his father and integrity like his grandfather russ. may he be slow to anger and quick to forgive.  

above all, dear Jesus, may harrison be God-fearing and a disciple of You. we love this boy with our whole hearts and ask that You would guide and direct him along his journey. point him towards good people that can influence him, and people who are different that can challenge him.  we thank you, Jesus, for our precious son.

In your name, we pray, amen. ]

january 26, 2013

Oh buddy… This has been an interesting week.  We keep thinking that you’ll be coming any minute.  Your mom has all the symptoms that you’re close, but we’re still waiting.

Every morning when I go to work, several people ask me, “No baby yet?” I just tell them that you’re taking your time (being deliberate like your dad).

Today your Grandma Jenny came to help us get ready for you.  While she and your mom were working around the house, the signs got so strong that we called the doctor.  She told us to go to the hospital just to be safe.  We waited there for a couple of hours, just listening to your heart beat on the monitor.  But it was a false alarm and we’re home again, just waiting.

We were so excited to see your face that we feel a bit sad now, but we would do it again for you, son.  You’re worth it all — any nerves, waiting, false alarms.  You’re the best thing that I’ve ever been a part of.  I don’t care if your birthday is tomorrow or next week or any other time.  No matter when it is, it will be the greatest day I’ve ever had.

I wouldn’t trade you for the whole world.

Love, Dad